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Thinking of joining?  Consider this...

There are many benefits to joining a ski club, and even more from joining the best club on the hill...

  • Choose from any of our three conveniently located properties at Whakapapa, National Park or Ohakune.


  • Each property has private rooms for families and larger shared accommodation for larger groups.  Sleeping areas are all separated by doors, rather than curtains as seen in many clubs.

  • Whakapapa and National Park both have separate bathroom, toilet and shower facilities for males and females.  All are cleaned daily and maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.

  • All properties are heated and very warm - with heat pumps in Whakapapa and enclosed fires at National Park and Ohakune.

  • Enjoy meals cooked by our live-in Custodian as part of your accommodation costs at Whakapapa.  This covers a cooked breakfast, soups and scones for lunch and dinner with dessert each evening.

  • The Whakapapa lodge is situated 20 meters off the Rockgarden trail which provides a genuine 'ski to the front door' experience.  This is fantastic for younger children because of the more frequent rests they need during the day and it also means you can ski till closing time each day.

  • Avoid the log-jam of trying to get off the mountain at the close of the day - instead, experience the unbelievable beauty (and silence) of the mountain in the evening and night.

  • Enjoy the social interactions and events we regularly hold within the club including a Race Weekend and Annual End of Season party.  We are very welcoming to new members and you'll likely make life-long friends in the club.

  • Our Ohakune house is situated right next door to the famous Powderhorn.  If you don't feel like cooking at the end of the day, there's no better place to head for a drink and dinner.

  • Our National Park lodge, located just a street off State Highway 1, backs on to The Park which also has a great restaurant and bar.

  • Avoid the recent problems with RAL's car park booking system by travelling to the mountain on Friday night and parking in the car parks allocated for clubs.​

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