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Why Summer at Tongariro?

As Iwikau Ski Club members we are all used to having the best facilities on or near the mountain to indulge our passion for winter sports, COVID lockdown notwithstanding. 

For a relatively modest annual subscription we all in effect own three holiday homes where we don’t have to mow the lawns, pay rates, or do any maintenance work (apart from those members who do get down for workparties).  Not a bad deal considering our lodges are on the Tongariro National Park Volcanic Plateau, nature’s North Island wonderland.

In winter the facilities give us access to the best ski mountain in New Zealand.  In summer, they give us access to some of the best natural bush walks, stunning waterfalls and lakes, trail bike rides and outdoor activities you could possibly want, ideal for family holidays at any time of the year.

So to encourage members to re-think how they can take advantage of our outstanding Club facilities, we have added to the website holiday trip information so that you can easily see all the great things you can do during a stay at our mountain, National Park or Ohakune facilities at any time of the year.

And with COVID having stopped international travel, and significantly curtailed our skiing over the last two seasons, why not take this opportunity to see your country and stay at your holiday homes at the hill.

We have some great ideas on out of season usage and rates which are on the landing pages.  For the National Park and Ohakune facilities, we have introduced a “Whole of House” booking option, first in first served, so you can secure your booking for any number of family and friends and have the place to yourselves.  Perfect for extended family gatherings or work group holiday events.

Summer booking rates

  • Iwikau Lodge - $32 per bed (no 'Whole of House' option)

  • Ohakune house - $27 per bed or $180 per night for 'Whole of House' option

  • National Park Lodge - $27 per bed or $350 per night for 'Whole of House' option

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