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There are a huge number of activities to do in the Ruapehu district, in both Winter and Summer.  See below for a recent selection of articles and links to further information.

Carpark Booking at Whakapapa in 2021

RAL has introduced new carparking rules in 2021.  Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association (RMCA) has been working closely with RAL to represent the interests of clubs such as ours to ensure clubbies have equitable access to carparks given our needs are diffferent from people who only visit for the day.

Importantly, if you are staying in the Whakapapa lodge between 31 July and 5 September, you will need to book an overnight carpark, and cancel this is you cancel your booking for any reason.

RMCA's recent newsletter summarises the new rules well in the following.

Bookable parking trial for clubs at Iwikau Village:


RAL approached RMCA to help facilitate a trial to extend bookable parking to overnight carparking at Iwikau Village for the 2021 season. The trial was discussed with clubs at the May RMCA Forum and those present were generally in favour of the trial.


It will be evaluated at the end of the season. RMCA believe extending bookable parking to overnight parking will benefit club members as they will have more certainty of a carpark on busy weekends, and it will allow them to come and go during the booked period. It will also help RAL better manage car park availability on those busy weekends.


The allocation of approximately 400 carparks for overnight parking for club accommodation at Iwikau village has not changed. The club/lodge portal will run alongside RAL’s 2021 bookable parking system. RAL will provide more detailed information about the system when it is up and running. Check the RAL website and look out for their newsletter (which you can sign up to via their website).


Important information for the Club/Lodge Portal (for use at Iwikau Village only):

• Bookable parking should run for only six weekends during 2021: between July 31st and September 5th. This may change if the region moves to COVID Alert Level 2 or higher.

• Club members staying overnight (including life and season pass holders) will need to book for every night of their stay during the bookable period/s. (i.e., book for both Friday and Saturday nights if arriving on Friday).

• Clubs will be provided with a PIN login to access the Club/Lodge booking system. Note, the PIN will be subject to change should any part of the portal be misused. If this occurs, clubs will be updated. We suggest that the PIN be provided only to club members who have confirmed their accommodation.

• Club members will be able to book ahead of their planned stay by using the Club/Lodge portal. This is an improvement on last year as the club/lodge portal is not subject to the Wednesday releases that the main bookable system is.

• Club members will need to book even if they plan to arrive on the Friday night so that they can arrive through the control point in the morning should their evening arrival be delayed for any reason.

• If club members cancel/change their accommodation booking, they should also cancel/change their car park booking.

• For club members visiting the Turoa Ski Field; they will need to book a day park using the main RAL public booking system. The Club/Lodge Portal does not apply to Turoa.

After we have received the booking code for Iwikau Ski Club, the Booking Officer will provide this to you when you make your booking between these dates.

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